Attire & Safety

I forgot sneakers, or I am wearing heels or sandals, can I still smash?

A: Yes, we have an assortment of steel toe boots and sanitary socks that are cleaned for your use.

What kind of protective gear will I wear?

A: We have a wide selection of sizing in glass proof suits, different kinds of face protection, and gloves for your use. Again, boots are available, and highly recommended.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

A: Yes, you have to sign a waiver. It allows us to be able to provide this experience. If our responsibility code is followed, it is an experience you can have safely.

Is there an age requirement?

A: During normal business hours it is 21+. During a private event that is closed to the public we do allow 18+

I want to come in with a group, can we all go in the room together?

A: No, our insurance only allows for one participant in the room at a time. Our polycarbonate windows allow you to watch from just a few feet away instead.

I am pregnant or think I am pregnant, can I smash?

A: No, you should not. We also do not allow you to participate if you are clearly pregnant

I have had a few drinks and I want to smash, can I?

A: We are all TIPS trained for alcohol intervention procedures. At any time, we reserve the right to deny participation if you are determined to be incoherent, or are generally determined to be unsafe to yourself, other guests and our staff. We will find a time to reschedule your reservation, no questions asked.

The Experience

How does the smash room work?

A: You purchase time and items to smash, we provide safety gear, instructions, and tools to break them with, you and your group have a great time!

Do I have a time limit?

A: Yes, most packages state there is 5 minutes of allotted and uninterrupted smash time. Trust us, you will be tired, sweaty and satisfied.

I booked online last week, but I want to add to my package, can I do that?

A: Yes, you can add on items as late as you want online, and even add on items when you arrive.

Can I bring my own stuff to smash?

A: Right now we do not allow any outside items to be brought in or dropped off.

Can I share a package with someone?

A: No, our packages and time system is created to allow one person smash with their own time. Our packages are pretty reasonably priced, you’ll want your own.

What do I need to bring with me?

A: Closed toe shoes, boots or sneakers are highly recommended, and also please have your ID with you.

Can I keep a smashed object as a souvenir?

A: No, broken items are sharp and dangerous but we will take your photo with one.


I’m booked! What time do I need to arrive?

A: It is important to arrive 15 minutes early so we can ensure the reservation starts on time.

Do you allow walk ins?

A: Yes, and from time to time there are slots available for walk ins. The availability of those slots is dependant upon when online reservations do not fill an entire block of time.

What happens if I am late to my reservation?

A: We will use the time that is left to get you ready and into the smash room. Please understand that there may be others dependant on the scheduled time so we might be limited in our abilities. There will be no refunds or reschedulings for those who are late to their reservation.

What happens if I miss my reservation completely?

A: We will not issue any refunds or reschedulings.

I have personal items with me, is there a secure place to store them?

A: Yes, we have lockers for your use while you are in the smash room area.